Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Scan Update

Much like President Obama's popularity, my tumor continues to shrink per the MRI results from yesterday.  My surgeon Dr. Monson was very impressed with not only my progress medically, but with how I am doing so without submitting to really any of the annoying side effects of chemo.  He said he has seen a lot of people who get home from treatment and they promptly spend the next 5 days in bed throwing up.  I am very thankful for everything to be going 1000x better than I ever dreamed, and I hope it continues through the last two cycles.

Based on my blood work on Monday I was supposed to get a blood transfusion today.  On Monday the doctor said I should be feeling the effects of anemia (light headed, dizzy, short of breath, heart pounding), though when I told her I felt great and had worked out just that morning it was met with I guess some confusion on her part, because she had nothing really medical to say in return.  I felt great and the transfusion was to be in 48 hours, so obviously it was not an urgent matter.  Regardless I didn't argue much further and agreed to the transfusion begrudgingly.  I did though request labs to be redone on Wednesday morning before the procedure (4 hours or so of just sitting there).  What is crazy is that they were not planning on redoing labs to confirm the order, even though a lot can change in 48 hours.  Sure enough, this morning when I went in for labs before the transfusion it turned out my counts had bounced back to the normal levels.  I am glad I had the sense to ask for an extra test, or else I would have been subjected to a useless 4 hour procedure that I would eventually have to pay for!  Got to love the healthcare industry.

Now there is nothing really going on between now and Thankgiving, so I probably won't post much until the holiday and the lead up to my next round of treatment on the 29th.  Thank you again everyone for reading and supporting me, I will be back online right before the holiday!


  1. YAY for shrinkage! So glad to hear the good news . . . a happy Friday, for sure :)


  2. GREAT NEWS! So glad you rechecked your numbers and avoided the transfusion!!! Have a great Thanksgiving! We will be in Columbus with our family or I would for sure visit you all at the lake!