Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Two Legs Down

Good afternoon everyone, I hope the week is going quickly for you all.

Tomorrow marks my 25th and final radiation treatment.  This can't come soon enough because I am really getting tired of the sunburn-esque itch and burn that I am dealing with on a daily basis.  My compliments to the team over at Emory though, as the they hit the tumor area every time with the machine; I know this because there is a very fine line separating the radiation area and the rest of my leg.  It is like I put 70 spf sunscreen everywhere except for this little area and slept all day on a nude beach.

After tomorrow I will be done with two legs of my quest to beat synovial sarcoma, and I still can't believe how fast the time has flown by.  In reality though there are four legs to this race because after surgery there is the very long monitoring process that will involve quarterly MRIs and CAT Scans.  There is no telling how long this fourth leg will last; hopefully without any interruptions of more radiation or surgery (should the cancer reappear), but that is a topic for another day.  In the mean time the next goal of mine is to continue to get stronger with my surgery now exactly one month away.  I won't have any indication as to if my surgery will be outpatient or inpatient until after my MRI and CAT Scans on March 1st, so I am rooting for as much shrinkage as possible so the surgery can be as little intrusive as possible.

 Hopefully the next four weeks will pass as quickly as the last five have, because if they do then I will be rid of my little passenger in no time!

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  1. You're right -- that really did go very quickly. Congrats!

    And, just FYI, my worst burns happened in the 3 weeks that followed my last radiation date, so be sure to keep up with whatever lotion you're treating it with until in the meantime.