Monday, March 14, 2011

Cancer Free

Good morning all, happy Monday!

As you all know, I had my surgery this past Wednesday, so I write today proudly able to say that I am currently cancer-free!  The surgery was a tremendous success, it took about 2.5 hours and Dr. Monson indicated that the tumor was very small and he was able to get the entire thing.  He then called me yesterday to relay the results of the tests they ran on the tissue extracted.  He said it was mostly dead tissue, which means that the chemo and radiation really did their jobs perfectly.

The real unknown in my mind goes back to what the post-op nurse told men about what I was doing when I awoke from surgery.  He said I was singing Elton John songs, which is weird, because I am honestly not really a fan of his catalog.  Seems strange that I would choose to burst into his tunes at such a time.  I spent one night in the hospital after surgery, with no real complications, save vomiting twice due to the morphine after dinner.  I am limping around a little bit so I am using a cane, which is much more convenient than crutches thankfully.  Two drainage tubes were inserted in my leg to help keep the void clear of fluid, so upon discharge I had two squeeze it bottles dangling from my leg, which made wearing shorts a no no.  Other than a  little pain and the limping I can't complain, just so thankful to have surgery behind me.  I have had such great support from all of you out there, as well as amazing care from my medical team; I thank you all so much!

Next up for me aside from recovering from this surgery is another round of scans in June.  This will be a quarterly staple for about 2 years, and then assuming no relapse, the scans will be moved to every 4 months and then biannually. 

Thanks again for the support!


  1. Great news, Michael. Glad you've been given a clean bill. Sport that cane as a fashion accessory (like your pal, Scott Disick).

  2. Congratulations, Michael!!! What wonderful news for you, your family and your friends!!! God is SO good!!!!! I'm very happy for you!!!

    Diane Neff

  3. YAY! Hopefully you're going to keep on blogging?

  4. Michael, I have followed your journey from the beginning and you have been so inspiring. Your attitude and sense of humor surely played a huge part in your success in terminating your cancer. God has taken you on a journey that will change your life and the lives of all that cross your path and we will all be blessed. Good luck this weekend with your fund raising for Sarcoma and for being the shining beacon of hope and success. I look forward to reading more good news from you.
    Ginny Steffens (Andrew's mom)

  5. Babe! You should post a pic of your BADA** battle scar. Pretty amazing

  6. Yeah...I finally found your blog. This is Wendie Cheek from Emory. I have the sarcoma on the lower leg. I've been anxious to find out how you were doing and about your surgery. I saw Dr. Monson yesterday to discuss my surgery in May. I'm so glad to read your blog about your surgery. Sounds like it was a tremendous success. I know you are so thankful. Any post chemo for you? Wendie Cheek Macon, Georgia

  7. Wendie,

    Hope you are doing well, it has been a long time! No post chemo for me, at this point just monitoring every quarter. I am so happy you have surgery soon, you will be so relived to have that unwelcome visitor removed. Best of luck, and do stay in touch!

    1. I don't know if you check this blog site anymore but I lost your email address when I changed email accounts. I wanted to check in with you and see how you are doing with all of your scans. My new email address is
      We are up at Emory today for blood work and such and you came to my mind so I thought I would drop you a quick note.