Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My First Big Break

Quick post, but I just want to pass along the great news that the results from my lymph node biopsy came in today.  I just received confirmation that the nodes were clean, which means that it is highly unlikely  that the cancer has begun to travel via the lymph system, so it is basically localized at this point.  This is amazing news and makes me all the more thankful that I identified my tumor early and took action as soon as possible.

As happy as I am, I am also confused at the medium chosen by the doctor to inform me, don't yall think this is a weird way to notify patients?

Thanks again everyone for the support, more to come later in the week as the first chemo treatment draws near.



  1. FANTASTIC NEWS!! So happy to hear that Oxler! :) Love the ecard by the way.

  2. Hahah. perfect someEcard!!

    I have been thrilled about this good news all day!

    I have always been envious of your ability to see nothing but the positive in things. You have always pushed me to do the same. There are more times than I can remember when I have vented/been upset about something, and instead of agreeing with me, you suggest I see it another way, or encourage me to wait and see how things might turn out... I can't think of one time when you were wrong. (Remember my office situation!)

    I have known you only to be optimistic and full of energy in all ways. Your positivity is contagious! Love

  3. I would be SO INSULTED that Dr. Rizzo didn't use Hallmark--I mean doesn't he/she "care enough to send the very best"??

    Great news, Michael. I can hear the happy dance that your Mom & Dad are doing all the way up here in the "Loaf. There is some squealing going on!

    And you will be skipping off to your next appointment.

    Keep the smiles coming!

    Kristen Sapp

  4. Michael, this is your first step to "avoiding the big inning"! Now, you come at it with some "high heat" (the Chemo Closer) and you will be bombing those long drives and sticking those irons on the green before no time! Unfortunately, you will probably continue to putt like Stevie Wonder. That might be unfair to Stevie Wonder!

    Uncle Dave

  5. Great news, Michael! Hopefully the chemo will take care of the rest of it. I love the e-card. Your doc definantly wins the award for "Best Cyber-Savy Bedside Manner".

    B. Fields

  6. BEST.NEWS.ALL.DAY!! So happy for you...many, many answered prayers! Love from Chattanooga!


  7. That's awesome news, Michael!

    I'm sure you're a little disappointed that he didn't post it on Facebook!

  8. Great to hear!

  9. Thank you everybody! Not through the clear yet, but one good break usually leads to another!

  10. That's great to hear. On a side note, I had the Sports Gods shower down heaping loads of bad news for the Rebel football team yesterday in hopes that it would pay off for you. Apparently it worked. Masoli denied and our best DE is out indefinitely. I also told the SG's to take out an Alabama player if they could but had no idea they'd be so accommodating.

    Talk to you soon

  11. That's the best news!!


  12. Hicky,

    I really am sorry about the QB situation over in Oxford. That guy was bound to be a team chemistry killer, so hopefully things will work out for the Rebs this season. You are a gentleman and a scholar.

  13. If you are lying 3 on the tee, this is your over the dog leg with a little draw splitting the fairway. Hopefully, this is a good set up to birdie for the bogey. Great news, good luck with the treatment. Luckily, Ingram will be back in time for the Ole Miss game.

  14. YAY!! It is all thanks to kiki power...

  15. Hi, Michael,

    So glad your Mom (my cousin) invited me to be part of this blog! I've been praying daily (or, almost) since I heard your news from Aunt Eunice. Seems like yesterday we were on the beach in Florida enjoying cake for your Grandma's 80th birthday!
    I'm so sorry for your family in having to go thru this, but I admire your positive outlook and I'm SO happy for your good news!!
    Good luck with your upcoming treatment and know that you have a third cousin praying for you daily (or almost - just in case I forget a day!)

    Love and prayers,

  16. Michael,

    O.K. - so maybe I should upgrade myself to second cousin?!
    (just thought I'd correct myself before someone else does!)

  17. Diana,

    Thank you so much for reaching out! I really appreciate your support!!

    I still applaud your "ice" on Saturday morning.. Please do one this week in my honor.