Thursday, September 2, 2010

Its Go Time!

Well, I got the news that tomorrow is the beginning of the next step of my journey.  I am scheduled to be admitted at Emory to begin chemo tomorrow morning.  I will be in the hospital on a constant drip until sometime on Tuesday.  Obviously this is a new way to spend the Labor Day Weekend, so I will be sure to let yall know if this is more fun than going to Georgia games and the lake, haha.  I will have my own room and t.v. so I should be set for watching inter-collegiate tackle football on Saturday.  It was actually kind of funny, when she asked me if I had any questions, the first think I could think to ask was what the cable t.v. package was like at the hospital.  My guess is that wasn't the usual first question in that situation.

One thing she did tell me today is that I shouldn't eat fruit that is peeled by Denny's employees. I think this is excellent advice, and I would recommend this advice to cancer patients and healthy people alike.  I could be wrong, but I believe this advice holds true to Shoney's and Huddle House as well.

So with that in mind I am now trying to figure out how to pack for a 4 day stint in the hospital.  Thankfully I have my new UGA scrubs to wear on Saturday for the game.  I assume I have at least basic cable in my room, so that means on Labor Day I will be able to catch the "Police Academy" marathon or whatever cheesy hook TBS is pushing for the holiday.  I am expecting a few visitors to pass the time, as my dear friend Michael Patterson is driving down to watch the game with me (one year ago this same man was at the UGA opener in Oklahoma wearing an unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt, so I'm not the only one experiencing a different kind of gameday), as well as my sister Lauren.  Mom and Dad are coming up Friday, so it will be great to spend some time with them, playing board games and watching football.  My dad also promised to play golf in my honor tomorrow, though I have a feeling it will turn up being more of a slap in the face to me when he slops around and shoots 88 (sorry dad).

In actuality the process of receiving chemo isn't very traumatic or anything(from what I've been told), but it is the side effects that will follow a few days later when things get interesting.  But where I am sitting, I can't worry about the possibility of the side effects, and instead I will focus on staying in good spirits and passing the time while in the hospital.  Like many of you, I hate being in hospitals, but at this point I pretty much have to get over that uneasiness and just roll with it.

I'm off to enjoy my last night at home for a while.  My next post will be from the hospital, so I hope everyone enjoys the beginning of the college football season tonight, and of course, thank you everyone for the support!!!



  1. Michael, things will probably get tough just like it was when senile old Dean Wormer and the queer Doug Niedermeyer tried to shut down Delta House. Remember it wasn't over when the GERMANS bombed Pearl Harbor!

    John Blutarsky

  2. Michael, in previous post you mentioned the 'chemotherapy cocktail' that would be designed especially for you. My question is that given the weekend they chose to start your treatment, did they include a true bourbon in that cocktail? I would hate to think of you sitting there with some crappy blended whiskey coarsing through your body on game day. Leave that to the Florida fan in his Jean-shorts!

    I wish you the best and can tell you that all of Oklahoma is glad Patterson will be under your watchful eye and not back in our state again this year!


  3. Uh, gameday will not be that different for me as I still plan on wearing an unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt at the hospital.


  4. If Zac and I lived closer we'd come play some Monopoly Deal. On second thought, I wouldn't want to see you do your victory dance in a hospital gown. We'll just stick with Words with Friends.

  5. Tell Patterson to get his PTP picks in. He can ask a nurse for help since he can't pick well on his own!

  6. Good luck, Michael! I'll call on Sunday to see if you want any guests on Monday.

  7. Michael! I told your mom if you all need anything I am ready to jump when you say what you need or please..I am close by and would love to bring you either food or magazine...whatever you say:) I am here for you!
    God bless!

  8. I hope everything goes well. At least you won't need basic cable to watch the Georgia game tomorrow. I hope to come down to Atlanta soon; I'll bring you a bushwacker.

  9. Thank you everyone! just sitting in my room on the iv waiting on my cocktail drip... William, I would love for y'all to stop in on Sunday, just give me a shout. Paige, thank you and your whole family for being so great during all of this! Hicky, can you make it a virgin whackier?

    Dave, do I get extra points in ptp because of this? Thanks for the shout out this morning on the update email

    Jimmy, I am told it is a special cask of grey goose... Good luck to the sooners this fall!

    trash, we have the game, and plan on playing a lot!

    Thanks Mimi!!

  10. Hang in there, Michael. Your journey to a complete recovery has started! Sending prayers and hugs.

  11. Trish, sorry my fat fingers called you Trash... I clearly don't associate you with refuse... have a great weekend with Dr. G

  12. Trisha- how do you feel about Michael referring to you as 'trash'? Just bc he has cancer, he thinks he can get away with calling people rude names...
    P.s. Don't be surprised if 'trash' sticks. I kinda like it!

  13. Good luck this weekend, buddy.

  14. Michael, it has been brought to my attention that Trash, I mean Trish, has been ragging on her ole Pops about all the sports analogies I've posted on this blog. Please allow me to show my more sensitive side.

    Please close your eyes and take deep deep breaths. Visualize the inner zen that lies deep within your soul over coming the conflict which has invaded the privacy of your pristine body!

    Ah crap! Do what your docs tell you to do. Unlike Trash, I mean Trish, I am going to go eat a big ole ribeye!

    Uncle Zen Master

  15. Dave, don't stop what you are doing, your anaolgies make my day (and many others)! How bout them dawgs today!