Wednesday, September 22, 2010

BYOP (Bring Your Own Pillow)

Good morning everyone!  The hair is really falling out now, I am rocking the "Hulkamania" bandanna at the office this morning due to some pretty fierce bald spots that have appeared.  What is weird is that my arm hair is still holding on for dear life.  The part that I have eagerly been anticipating though is that I haven't had to shave since Friday.  If for some reason my facial hair never comes back after all of this than you wouldn't hear any complaints from me.  Although that would mean I could never again grow a mustache, it would be worth it to never have to shave again.

I check back into the hospital tomorrow morning for round 2 of my chemo treatment, this time at Emory's Midtown campus (was at University Hospital last time).  I will be enjoying the amazing accommodations for 5 days and 4 nights again this time, so I will hopefully be out sometime Monday afternoon.  As I mentioned during the last treatment, I didn't feel any side effects as they were pumping the poison into me, but I wonder if that will continue this time?  I have talked with a number of people who have enjoyed this same cocktail and they have indicated that the treatment begins to take a toll on you the deeper into it you get, so who knows what will happen this weekend. The Dawgs play at 7pm Saturday night, so I am hoping that maybe there is something to the luck of the hospital and we can finally get a conference victory.  Although with the way we are playing I am wondering if I'm not better served to pop an ambien before kickoff and sleep through the disaster that is UGA football.

One of my main goals for this round of treatment is to try and rest a little bit more.  Last time I mentioned how difficult it is to rest despite sitting in an uncomfortable hospital bed for 5 days.  I think the key to this is to do some more reading, and bring a comfortable pillow from home.  I recently finished Lance Armstrong's book and I really enjoyed the read.  I think it is a quick and easy read for anybody regardless of interest in cancer or cycling.  My next literary hurdle is "The Count of Monte Cristo".  I really liked the movie so I thought I'd give Alexander Dumas' book a shot.  Though I shouldn't call this a hurdle, it is more of a mountian; because according to IBooks this is over 1,800 pages long!  I am currently on page 126, so any bets as to what page I am on when I leave on Monday?

Something else to look forward to with this 2nd treatment cycle pending, is that before round 3 we will take an MRI of my tumor to check to see if it has shrunk any.  If the MR shows shrinkage (different than George Costanza's shrinkage mind you) then that means the chemo is working.  It also means that the chemo is killing any cancer cells that are floating around inside my body.  This is the first big mile marker of my treatment so please cross your fingers for some major shrinking!

Thanks again to everyone for the support and prayers.  My next post will be from my beautiful $1,100 a night suite, so I will let you know how the other .001% live (the unlucky .001% that is).  Until then, please let me know if there are any good pranks that I can play on the nursing staff while I'm locked up!



  1. Michael! I think you should take one of those remote controlled big toy rats and make it fly out from under your bed when a nurse walks in! Ha! That would be good:)
    OK! We are cheering you on for round 2! ding ding ding!
    ps..laughter is the BEST medicine!!

  2. you leave those nurses alone, michael! but there are really funny things to get them on their toes.
    1) hide from them. nothing freaks us out more than a "code walker." My friend has lost a patient for real. The sucker got away all the home to Gallatin with her family in the getaway car.
    2) empty out babyfood in your bedpan and when she/he (gotta include murses) comes back in shrug and say "probably shouldnt eat that again!!!"
    3) wear superman pajamas or any footed pajamas,watch cartoons, and act like its perfectly normal.
    4) I could go on and on. I still owe you that book.
    GOOD LUCK!!!! drink pedialyte, stay hydrated along with your IV fluids!
    -Your favorite ICU nurse

  3. "The Count of Monte Cristo"?! Why inflict even more pain on yourself? Thanks for keeping us updated. You continue to inspire Zac and me with your positive attitude and strength. Sending you lots of love, prayers and support from AZ ...

  4. Great talking to you yesterday. Heart warming to hear you sound so up and strong! Here's hoping you sound the same come Tuesday. We're with you!

    Uncle Dave

  5. Hi, Michael,

    Don't they use human hair to make dolls? You could give Barbie's Ken doll a run for his money!

    Seriously, I wish you strength for the upcoming days and my prayers will be toward MUCH SHRINKAGE!!

    Sending a recipe for Magic Mineral Broth to your Mom - not sure if she'll have time to whip up a batch before this treatment, but it's supposed to be just the thing for cancer patients to allow the body to refresh and restore itself and it's also supposed to taste great!

    Good luck - still doing much praying for you!

  6. Oh my gosh -- is it weird that I think the "bedpan prank" is hilarious? Maybe I should try that one at home? Daniel wouldn't think that's weird at all.

    I would try to offer up some hospital pranks, but I really don't think anything tops the bedpan poop prank, which oddly I can totally see you pulling off :)

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy your luxury suite and delicious menu selections -- stay strong and look on the bright side: At least your number two favorite team is rolling over the competition (pun . . . intended). If you need a pick-me-up, tune in to the Bama game -- we are going to make Mallett look like a clown. speaking of Mallett and his ridiculousness, I strongly suggest you youtube the current Mallett for Heisman promo - it's a video montage to Hammer's "Can't Touch This." It's priceless.

    Okay -- gotta go. I have to leave work and start training some kid to cry when I threaten to take them to the Auburn Store. Apparently that's how you achieve instant celebrity, whic as you know is my lifetime goal (that and replacing Erin Andrews as ESPN's sideline reporter).


  7. Michael, as we speak Billy Madison is on The Family Channel. Sophomoric, immature, stupid, queer. In other words, my kind of movie! Never understood why it didn't win an Oscar. I never had a teacher who looked like Billy's (Sampras' wife)!

    Uncle Dave

  8. When the subject of a good prank comes up, I always gravitate towards the tried and true remote control fart machine. You can borrow mine if you need one. After 3 years of marriage, Elizabeth has caught on to my antics.

  9. Thanks everyone for the great ideas. Tom, I think I can find a nice IPad app for that, I might just have to do it.

    I'm hanging in there this weekend, though it is a little more challenging than last time.. despite that we are trying to have make the best of it!


  10. Michael, is the treatment more challenging or is it because Lauren keeps kicking your butt in dominoes? Just asking!

    Uncle Dave