Sunday, September 19, 2010

So It Begins...

Evening all, hope y'all had a better football weekend than I did. I guess there is more to life right? Quick post because I wanted to say that my buzzed hair is starting to fall out. I scratched my head and came away with a small clump of hair. It's really pretty crazy, because although I've been expecting this, you are never prepared to pull out hair clumps. On the bright side, if enough comes out by morning, maybe I can wear my "Hulkamania" bandanna to work tomorrow.



  1. I had hopes of writing something so witty that you would embrace losing your hair! Imagine such stupidity! There are no words that accomplish that. What I will say is that you will save a few pennies on shampoo & hair products, be able to cut down on your primping in the mirror time, be mistaken for Stewart Cink & uncover a new potential site for a UGA tattoo! (your Mom would kill you)

    I hope you can look at every piece of hair that falls out as a signal the the chemo is doing what it is supposed to do. When it grows back (and it will) you can pick out a new hair style or several!

    Have a good week, Michael!

  2. Michael, please save some of the hair in a plastic bag so we can compare it to the new hair that will eventually grow back. Mom

  3. I've heard of some chemo patients who lose their hair then when their treatments end their hair comes back a different color and texture. Here' hoping your's comes back jet black and really curly. You will then be able to grow a really cool 'fro and look like Dr. J did back in the old ABA days!

    Uncle Dave

  4. Its coming out in droves! I'll be bald by Wednesday night! haha

  5. You're a good looking champion no matter what!!
    Let me know when you are ready for another meal from Chef Johnson:)
    Have a great week! We are amazed at your speedy recovery time..!

  6. Autumn officially begins on Thursday. So, since the leaves are going to start falling, your hair might as well do the same? One of your grandfather's favorite songs was "The Autumn Leaves". Now it would be "Michael's Falling Hair"!

    Uncle Dave

  7. Son,

    Sounds like my hair situation. The only difference - yours will grow back.

    Oh well, you will fit in better with the old folks when you come down here to the lake!!!

    Good luck on cycle #2!!!

    Your father.

  8. Bald men are hot! Love you, Michael

  9. Mickey,

    Just getting caught up on the blog- thanks for sharing all that's going on. It's interesting to read the scientific bit, the hilarious tales and so helpful in tracking your fight.

    I'm sending good vibes your way brother- hang in there with round 2 and keep a smile close by. Hopefully you've got some cute nurses keeping you company.

    Healthy and happy thoughts, PD

  10. Michael -- I really hope your hair grows back red, course and curly. That way, we can be gingers together! I mean, you do have the skin tone to be a dashing red head :)

    But in all seriousness, I love reading your blog and am glad you are handling your situation so well. Once I have a chance to pick some visit dates, I'll email you. I plan to bring a mix tape so we can have a dance party in the hospital . . .white robot time!