Sunday, September 26, 2010

Round 2, Nearly In The Books

Morning everyone! Its day 4 over here at the hospital, and while it hasn't been as smooth a visit as last time, I have to think that my trials have been comparatively better than Mark Richt's over the last few days.  Time to face the fact that UGA just isn't good at tackle football this season.  Despite that, I want to thank whomever mysteriously sent me the amazing signed football this weekend.  Please identify yourself so I can thank you properly.  It was a thoughtful gesture and I appreciate it very much, thank you.

What I have learned here during the 2nd round that this is so draining as it builds up.  I have had bouts of nausea the last two days and really lost my appetite, especially to the hospital food.  You are walking a real thin line when it comes to hospital dining, so if you are feeling even just a little out of sorts then it is really tough to get in the mood to eat this stuff.  Thankfully mom and Lauren have brought me little snacks to supplement what little I can keep down. 

The time is moving somewhat quickly, do in large part to the visits and college football viewing.  The first round was a new experience and thus not necessarily fun, but it was new.  Now that I have been there and done that, the stir craziness creeps in a few days earlier, so you really have to mentally hang in there and stay busy.  It is hard to believe it is already Sunday, which means that I'm headed home tomorrow sometime.  I will say though minor bouts with nausea this week could be foreshadowing of what I have to expect during my recovery week to come.  Either way, I am still feeling relatively well and hopeful for a smooth recovery week ahead.

My next post will be from the outside, so please cross your fingers for a quick and easy discharge tomorrow!



  1. Hey, Michael. Hang in there!!! Treatment two is almost behind you.
    Hugs and prayers, Michelle

  2. Thinking about you...! Thanks for the updates.

  3. Oylee,

    Great idea. Consider a signed Tennessee football coming your way.


  4. I hope your discharge is clear.