Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Numbers Game

Morning everyone!  I am still here at the Emory hospital, waiting on the Dr's okay to check out after rounds later this morning.  As I reflect on my 5 day/4 night excursion, I thought summarizing my stay with  numbers would be interesting, so here it goes:

7  The number of total miles I have walked around the ward between Friday and Monday

750  Ounces of water I have drank since being admitted.  That would be 93+ 8 oz glasses FYI

0  Actual showers I have had since Friday morning.  I've had to settle for self-administered sponge baths due to being on the IV constantly

12 Consecutive hospital meals I've consumed.  The best meal is breakfast (how can you screw that up?), but overall the food wasn't half bad

14  Amazing visitors have come to spend time with me while I sit hear watching my 18" TV.  Thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart for stopping in and keeping me company!

53  The lowest heart beats per minute I observed during all the times my vitals have been measured this week

5  The highest number of IV bags that were being sent into my veins at one time

 $150K  I am estimating this with no inside information, but I would imagine that this might only be a low guess as to exactly how much this 5 day treatment stay would cost retail.  It could very well be 3x this, that my friends is crazy

25  The number of days I still have to spend in the hospital until I have completed all 6 of my chemo cycles

I hope everyone has a good start to the short week.  I will post again once I get home and settled.  I am fully prepared for the nausea and worn out feeling that will accompany being off the drip.Thanks for the support!




  1. Michael, some questions pertaining to your thoughts:

    1. What was your fastest mile walk? Surely you timed yourself!

    2. You know exactly how much water you drank. Do you know how many times you peed because of all that water?

    3. No cute nurses there to assist with the sponge baths?

    4. If and when you develop nausea the next couple of days, how do you determine whether you have it because of the hospital food or because of the chemo?

    5. Did you figure out which of the IV bags had the placebo?

    Here's hoping you don't have to many bad reactions to this first round.

    Go Reds. Go Rangers. Go away cancer.

    Uncle Dave

  2. I think the water estimate may actually be low

  3. When I was at the hospital I recorded the amount of urine you peed. Your personal best was 950cc at one time. Nurse mommy

  4. Dave, all excellent questions. I would say my fastest mile was about 20 minutes, which is a pretty good mom pace. I probably peed over 200 times this weekend, haha..

    Thanks for the great post as always Davie!!

  5. I want a visit soon, too!! Hope you are having a great, fun-filled week. Glad to see your boys play well on Saturday. Guess we'll see if they can pull out a victory against a fairly decent SC team - fingers crossed! I sure hope the Tiiiide bring its A-game and is ready to crush JoPa's Nittany Lions. GO DAWGS and ROLL TIDE!!!


  6. http://www.cincinnati.com/golf/golfquiz/html/brand.htm

    another numbers game! :) ellie

  7. 7 miles = 147 laps around the oncology unit. you should start a walking club.

    megan hurt

  8. Good luck against PSU Maridi, I'm sure Saban will have yall ready despite the injuries and suspensions.. I mean surely he can out coach an 80+ year old...Hopefully we will be able to take care of business with the cocks despite missing Green

    Ellie, I got a perfect score on that quiz, thanks!

    Megan, I think the walking club is a good idea! But if you saw some of the people in the other rooms near me, you would know that they were lucky to get 1.47 laps in 5 days, much less 147!