Monday, December 13, 2010

Ahead Of Schedule?

Good afternoon everyone, I hope all had a great weekend!

It was really nice to be back at work today after a long quarantine last week.  It was Wednesday afternoon when my doctor called to tell me that my immune system had dropped to the point where I was extremely susceptible to infection.  Not wanting to risk getting the flu or pneumonia I worked from home from Wednesday afternoon until the end of the week; it just isn't worth the risk this time of year to be around so many people and potentially end up in the hospital for 3 days- right before I'm going to be there for 6.  I was hoping my white counts would bounce back before the weekend, but they dropped even lower on Friday when I went in for labs; a bit of a weekend buzz kill.  All told between Wednesday afternoon and Monday morning I left my house exactly once, so it was a pretty slow weekend.

I had a radiology consult today, where my doctor pushed up the beginning of my radiation treatments to 12/27 which was great news.  In my head I had assumed that radiation wouldn't start until sometime after the new year, which meant it wouldn't end until potentially late February, and then you take a month off before surgery so best case I was looking at surgery sometime in mid March.  Now that we are starting in December, I feel like I was just given about 3 weeks of my spring, so I am very excited about this turn of events.  I think a lot is due to how well I've handled the chemo, so they aren't scared to just jump right into the next step.  So now we are looking at radiation going until the end of January and then surgery at the very beginning of March, this would hopefully put me back on my feet fully recovered by the beginning of April, just in time for The Masters. 

So here we are only a few days before beginning the 6th and final chemo treatment.  I can't believe it is nearly over after already logging 37 hospital days, I'm only 6 away from being done.  I am confident this week will go well as my attitude will be even better than normal knowing that it is the last go around.  Even more exciting is that approx. 2 month from next Tuesday I will begin to see some hair grow back!  While the convenience associated with being bald has been nice, I'm more than ready to have a head of hair to deal with.  Now that I know what my head looks like, I definitely may consider a bald cut down the line, but in the mean time I'm going to grow these locks as long as they are appropriate in the business world.  I am deciding between two iconic hair styles to wear as I welcome myself back to the haired world:

1.  The feathered look of 80's movie bullies:

2.  The "Legends of the Fall" Brad Pitt look:

Such tough decisions!


  1. They say sometimes your hair comes back in darker and curlier than before. You might end up choosing between Gabe Kaplan or Mac Davis.


    Your dad

  2. If I had to choose, I would for sure pick #1. I don't care what anyone says, Brad Pitt looked like a sissy in Legends of the Fall.

    Good luck with the last round of chemo! After this is over, you might (might) get to begin to pledge the Finer Things Club. That is something to look forward to. Full disclosure, I am not an actual member yet.

  3. I would go with a slicked back pony tail. Keep pushin bud. Almost there. Dibbs on your +1 masters ticket.