Monday, December 6, 2010

The Home Stretch


Well finally after a cozy and luxurious 6 day stay I was discharged from Emory Midtown this past Saturday afternoon.  Being ahead of schedule apparently isn't a big deal on the weekend, because with only one Dr. doing rounds across two hospitals, I ended up delayed by 4 hours.  No matter how anxious I am in that situation, I always try to realize that the reason I'm not being dealt with is because sicker patients are receiving care.  Would I rather be one of the guys the Dr. has to treat for four hours, or would I rather watch tv and wait?  I will take the latter all day.

So here we are with just one treatment left, I usually hope that the week(s) between cycles go slowly so I can enjoy the time and food on the outside.  It is different this time though, because I would check in tomorrow morning if that meant I would be done for good the following Sunday.  As usual the big issue to avoid this week is infection.  I am enjoying some time at the office early this week until my white blood counts dive into the danger zone, in which case I will quarantine myself at home to avoid the dreaded fever.

Due to how well I've handled treatment, I have had the luxury of maintaining a fairly normal life between cycle, which not many Sarcoma patients can also say sadly.  Though this normal life has included a variety of exceptions, mainly involving not being around crowds nor consuming alcohol (which are often done at the same time/place).   My quarantine from these activities will be over very shortly though, and I am looking forward to my first beer since August 7th (not that I was keeping track).  Despite my excitement for that first beer, I have thought long and hard about drinking & bars since my diagnosis.  After having had some of the most toxic substances known to man go through my heart, kidneys, and liver since September, the last thing I want to do is cause anymore strain on my body by filling it with booze.  Of course it is tough when going to bars is still the common entertainment choice for people of my age and social group.  Regardless, I am committed to a healthier lifestyle going forward, I mean after all I spent all this time effort and money to keep this body upright, the least I can do is treat it with some respect and try to make it last.  It will be a difficult transition to not be living it up with friends as much, but in the end I think I might just enjoy the journey more so by taking this path.  Who knows?



  1. Hope your friends take heart in what you are saying about drinking and keeping the body healthy. Who would have every guessed that at 28 you were going to go through cancer. It can happen to anybody at anytime. So glad you are almost done and hope you continue to breeze through the treatments. Love, mom

  2. Michael has been an absolute delight as our family's dear friend for many years. We watched
    him make his family proud on so many occasions
    including sports,academics, and all around success in all endeavors! The strength and
    character he has shown throughout this process
    has been amazing. His wit and wisdom are truly
    inspiring! May this Christmas be the best yet
    for his wonderful family! Michael is a man who
    loves much, lives well and laughs often.
    Our Love to you, Michael----Chuck and Jan Eldridge and family

  3. So thrilled that you are so close to being finished! A friend of mine was just diagnosed with sarcoma and just started treatment at Emory. Lives here in Macon...31 years old, mom to 3 very young children, like you...just found a mass in her leg one day. So scary. Hers is not synovial, but still a sarcoma. I will see if maybe her next and your last cycles overlap and maybe you could see her to give some encouragement :) Proud of you!

  4. Almost finished!! Proud of you :) I've been on the healthy path since September 2008 (when I started work), and can literally count the number of times I've been out to the bars in B'ham. I still indulge in a glass of wine or beer every now and then, but I have to tell you -- I love how my body feels and I'm sure you will feel the same way! It's not so bad, and I don't feel like I miss out on things. I might get labeled as "boring" every now and then, but I assure you, I've been called much worse :) A nice dinner with friends is what it's about these days.

    Hugs from Alabama! Keep us posted on your progress!


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  6. I remember when we were young - maybe around 10? - and you were obsessed with your body being a temple. I got so annoyed because you wouldn't eat anything unhealthy. Now, I think you were onto something!

  7. Michael your attitude is going to pay off and help others too. Soooo glad everything is going well for you. Being positive is a smart choice.
    I think you should consider writing a book when you are ready to because you have much to offer and a great sense of humor! Keep doing so well!
    ....Debbie Teator

  8. Michael,

    Kimberly and I have been following your blog and are very glad to hear of your progress through treatment and recovery. We will be out at Lake Oconee for Christmas, so let me know if you're around and up for getting together. (unfortunately it will probably be too cold for redneck cove.)


  9. That's great news to hear you're almost done. Way to go! I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas. - Hank