Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Extraction Date Confirmed

For most of you, March 9 is usually spend mourning the death of The Notorious B.I.G., or celebrating Baron Bliss day in Belize.  For me March 9 will take on a new meaning as it has been confirmed as the date my tumor will be removed from my leg.  I had an appointment yesterday with Dr. Monson (my surgeon) and he said everything looked good, so it was time to get the surgery on the books.  At this point my tumor is barely noticeable on my leg; there is no longer much of a difference in size between my left thigh and my right, which means we've come a long way since August when a blind person could have seen the size difference.

As for the radiation, everything is still going well.  I have had 9 of 25 treatments to date and I've yet to experience any side affects.  Dr. Stableford did have me begin to rub aloe vera on my leg to combat any future discomfort, so I have been doing that as instructed twice a day.  Aside from finishing radiation, the only other task I have before surgery is another MRI and the first comprehensive CT scan since the day of my diagnosis.  This will be a CT of my chest, abdomen, and pelvis, which are the areas where Synovial Sarcoma potentially could spread, so these scans will be a part of the monitoring of my condition over the next few years.  I don't expect any surprises from these scans, as the scans were clear in August which was before my successful chemotherapy treatment,  but the downside is before the CT I have to drink 30 oz. of the worst tasting white paste, this stuff is tough to keep down.

All the news I have today, but hopefully shortly I will be posting about a great fundraiser some friends and I are going to put on in an effort to raise awareness and money for Sarcoma.  Stay tuned!



  1. March 9th is also Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. A good time to give up cancer and be free of the tumor!! Mom

  2. Looking forward to seeing you in Nashville this weekend. How does it feel to leave the state for the first time since August?

  3. Yay! You'll have a new holiday to celebrate every year!

  4. Hi Michael,
    We just found out today from Ken and Linda Jackson about your cancer. We are praying that all goes well for you the next couple of weeks. Remember...Cancer is tough, but YOU ARE TOUGHER!!
    With warm thoughts & hugs,
    Mickey & Panda Jones