Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Radioactive Man

Good morning everyone, I hope all are safe after the snowcalypse 2011.  The biggest hazard as I see it are other drivers, especially those going way too slow.  Have some self confidence people!

To date I have had 3 radiation doses, with one pending later today.  So far it is pretty straight forward; I go in at 8:30, they take an x-ray of my tumor, and then they zap it for about 3 minutes.  You can't feel a thing, though it is crucial to stay incredibly still so that the dose hits the mark.  So far I haven't felt any of the side affects, but as it accumulates I'm excited to see the sunburn that results.

It is funny, because of the snow I was the only one to make it in on Monday for treatment, and then the clinic was closed yesterday as well.  I showed up this morning thinking surely they were back on schedule, but I came to find out that they were delayed until noon.  I can't believe nobody else showed up for treatment despite the conditions.  Isn't it worth it to drive very slowly (as the only car on the road mind you) to get to an appointment that will help rid you of cancer?  The answer is clear to me.

So beyond radiation appointments through February 11th, the next big date for me is another follow up with my surgeon on January 18th.  I am hoping since we have all my radiation scheduled that this will be the day that we set the surgery date.  To think that we are already to this stage of the treatment reminds me of how far we've come since the beginning of August 2010.

In the mean time, enjoy the icy roads and root for those Dirty birds Saturday in the playoffs!


  1. Son, remember some people may not have been able to get to treatment because they are a lot older than you and shouldn't be out on the icey roads and living in the south, very little experience with the road conditions. By the way, I hope you aren't driving like a mad man on these roads! I'ld hate for you to have a car accident and be injured after all you have gone through with cancer. Your loving mother!

  2. Greetings Radio Man! I am purposefully leaving out the "active" part since your instructions are to hold so still. I could only laugh at how much your sweet Momma wanted you to hold still at times when you were little. You were one of the squirmy, active, can't sit still kind of kids! Now you are having to hold perfectly still for three minutes. Gee, when you are done you might be ready for Cirque du Soleil? Most of those performers have no hair so you already have a step up.

    Okay--enough of my weak humor. I am so glad everything is moving forward smoothly. It is great to see that you are being given the opportunity to ease another's path along the way. I hope you find great purpose in all of this.

    Enjoy your newly acquired suntan even if it is only only on one leg!

  3. Rooting for the Dirty Birds? Ouch! Leanne & I will be at the game. Look for us. We will be wearing Black and waving a yellow towel!
    Keep up your amazing spirit!