Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Boy In The Plastic Bubble

Good evening all!

Did anybody ever see that amazing 70's movie "The Boy In The Plastic Bubble" starring John Travolta?  Well I did, and I can tell you I felt like him this past weekend as I waited for my immune system to recover in the hospital.  Now in the movie he rides off on a horse with a blond girl, which is slightly different from me, as I rode off in a gold car alone.  Either way, I can empathize with the guy.

So yes, my white blood counts finally rose above the critical level Tuesday morning, and I was eventually free to go once the doctor signed off on my case.  They warned me of a potential need for blood transfusions as I was leaving, due to my red blood cells steadily dropping near critical levels.  This wouldn't involve admittance to the hospital, but it would take a few hours from what I gather.  I had to go back this morning for blood work, and since I didn't get a call from the office indicating my red count has become severe, it must mean that they finally turned back up as well.

So I sit here after an unexpected 4 day hospital stay, and I can see my next treatment cycle fast approaching.  I will be back in the hospital for the usual routine next Thursday for cycle 4.  I am starting to see the finish line off in the distance, so hopefully this will help pull me through cycles 4 & 5, as I've heard they can be some of the most difficult of the treatment process.  One very positive sign that I hope is the beginning of a trend is the way my body is reacting to the chemo once I'm done with treatment.  The amount of time I've spent actually feeling bad post discharge is really getting less and less.  I mean even though I had to go to the hospital this past week, I felt very good the whole time, and in reality my fever had broken by early Saturday morning, the remaining time spent was just precautionary. 

I hope this means that instead of being worn down by the cumulative effects of the chemo, my body might be adapting and getting used to the treatment.  I have really had very little nausea, and only lost my appetite a few times over the entire course of treatment.  I have yet to develop these mouth sores people keep talking about, and my energy level has remained steady if not quite 100%.  Of course this could all change with cycle 4, but I am really trying to convince myself and my body that I have this thing licked, so hopefully this mental "strength" will help pull me through these last few cycles.

Until I go back in next week though, I am going to enjoy this next week on the outside.  I am looking forward to a great weekend, and heck, I'm even looking forward to some productive days at work.  Thank you again to everyone who has sent cards, called, and checked in via email, it all plays a role in how well I've done to this point!

Oh, and any thoughts to the best Halloween Costume involving a bald man?  I mean Dr. Evil is a given, but I wonder if something funnier exists?


  1. GO MICHAEL!!! You are amazing!!!
    You definitely have the mental and physical strength to get you through the rest FOR SURE! No doubt!
    YOU ROCK....and hey if you ever need a blonde in a borrowed mercedes with the top down..I can wisk you away from the hospital sometime:)..or bring you some good food again! email me when you need either or!!!
    keep up your stamina!! it's impressive

  2. Tis better to be feeling well in the hospital than feeling sick at home!

    Wisdom from your dad,

  3. Glad you're out of the hospital and feeling well! As for Halloween ideas... Andre Agassi? Gorbachev? Keep fighting.

    Go Dawgs!

    :) Hansel

  4. What about the creepy "six flags man"


  5. glad to hear you're out of the clink ;) although it's not a universally known costume, you could be that painted head guy from the uga might need to pad your clothes a bit, though ;)
    daddy warbucks, mr. clean, genie from aladdin, member of blue man group, howie mandel, buzz lightyear?

  6. you should go as Vin Diesel's starring role in The Pacifier...Shane Wolfe, a disgraced Navy Seal sent to protect a family with 5 children. if your halloween is going to be anything like the movie, hilarity will most certainly ensue.

  7. You should be Lord Voldemort for Halloween.

    -I'm not going to sign my name

  8. Hey Michael, we are in Florida having a great time with your mom and dad. I finally learned how to get on your blog. Vicki

  9. My suggestions are as follows:
    Bruce Willis
    Larry David
    Michael Stipe

  10. Uncle Fester from Adams Family
    Mr. Clean
    A member of the Blue Man Group....

    The Giants crushed Cliff Lee (ex-Indian). I am pullin for your Rangers!
    Keep Positive Michael. You are in our prayers.
    Dave Belisario

  11. How about:
    Daddy Warbucks
    Telly Savalas or

    Have a good weekend buddy