Thursday, October 7, 2010

Shrinkage Confirmed!

Quick post on this Thursday afternoon.  I had my MRI and appointment with my surgeon Dr. Monson this afternoon.  Monson looked at the MRI and definitely noticed some shrinking and smoothing of the edges of my tumor.  He said this is all good news, and a sign that I am responding well to the chemo treatment.  I will have my next MRI in mid-November, so there should be even more shrinking yet again (knock on wood).  This is great news, but of course it also guarantees that I continue on the chemo cycle, which obviously involves more super fun hospital visits.  I don't care though, because it is working and I am on the road to recovery!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend, go Braves/Rangers/Dawgs!



  1. YAYAYAYAY -- best news I've gotten all week! So happy for you and ready for our pre-Halloween lunch on Oct. 30th! Sending lots of hugs your way . . .


  2. Shrinkage! Usually a word a man doesn't like to hear, but it sure sounds good today!!!

    A big sigh of relief coming from Lake Oconee. It is just the first report, but it looks like things are going in the right direction.

    You can celebrate tonight with an extra can of Ensure.

    Your Dad

  3. YAY! I logged on tonight hoping to see some good news. (I can't believe the Strietelmeier/Oyler information highway failed me and I didn't hear anything earlier.) So happy to hear that prayers are being answered! Love you, cuz!

  4. Michael, are you sure the Chemo treatments caused the shrinkage or did you jump into a frigid lake before the MRI?

    Your good friend

    George Castanza

  5. Excellent news to get the day started, Congrats Michael!

  6. YAY shrinkage!!!! Praying for more and more shrinkage!

    Make sure Celeste behaves this weekend!

    xoxo Kendall

  7. Oyler, great news. Charlie told me to tell you congrats as well. The last time shrinkage made me this happy was when you dove into the north Atlantic and sang that terrible fight song. I hope the Dawgs give em hell this weekend.

  8. So happy to read this Michael! Great news going into the weekend. Thinking about you as always...and wishing you could be here in Big-D to experience the Rangers mania in person. :)

  9. Such great news! Love you, Michael!

  10. Who knew that "shrinkage" could be such a happy word? I knew Cancer didn't want to mess with Da Man....(even with such shrinkage, that would be you) Now if we can somehow get shrinkage for UT this afternoon it would make for one fine week end in the World of Michael and a few other million Dawg fans. I'll be cheering for ya!

  11. Hip Hip Hooray!!!!
    God does work miracles!!
    Great news!! and now email me when you need me to bring you an "outside" meal!!

  12. Bravo!!! How fab to know docs have you on right chemotherapy protocol. Let's keep that shrinkage going! YAHOO. Hugs and prayers. Michelle on Westview

  13. Hi Michael! Such great and wonderful news. You have been in my thoughts and prayers and will continue to be there.

    Texas Babysitter from a million years ago :0)

    Heidi Vesey