Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Round 3

Greetings all!  I trust everyone had a great weekend.  I know I had a good one even if some baseball games didn't go my way.

So here we are on the Tuesday before my 3rd admittance.  I am starting to get myself ready for Thursday morning, because I know it will be another grind.  As I posted before, I need to take some time to plan a menu so that I can avoid the nausea that inevitably accompanies patient dining.  Outside of a few sick days and some other minor side effects I have really felt good over the last few weeks.  I think that is going to make it all the more difficult to go sit in a hospital bed for 5 days.  Now that I am about to get over the hump, there is also the very real possibility that the side effects and sick days start to ramp up, as chemo is such a cumulative process.  I know having talked to a few other survivors who have had similar cocktails, it was really after the 3rd treatment and beyond that they started to succumb to more invasive side effects.

I saw the other day that baseball great Tony Gwynn was recently diagnosed with cancer in his salivary glands.  You think about him, Michael Douglas, Michael C. Hall, et the list goes on and on of famous people/athletes that have been diagnosed with cancer.  It just goes to show that cancer isn't a poor disease or white or black one for that matter.  Cancer can affect even those with the most healthy of lifestyles (Lance Armstrong).  It really is amazing how prevalent this disease is; according to cancer.org men have a 44% chance, and women have a 37% chance of developing cancer over the course of their lifetimes.  That is not meant to scare people, but just help understand that at some point you very likely could be affected by this disease.

Something that a few people ask me about is what you can/can't eat in order to fight off or prevent cancer.  You see so many advertisements these days about how y causes cancer or x wards off cancer.  I am no doctor or nutritionist, but I do know that my doctors haven't said anything about avoiding x or doubling up on y.  I would take any claim with a grain of salt and just focus on eating a balanced diet, as that is all the nutritionist and doctors have told me to do.  I think you should use common sense in regards to your diet and lifestyle, because the other factors (genetics, environment, randomness) are mostly outside of your control.

I can't thank everyone enough for the prayers and support during this fight, they really mean the world to me. I look forward to seeing everyone who has reached out once I receive a clean bill of health, but until then, I am focused on fighting and surviving round 3 at beautiful Emory Midtown.  I have requested a room with a view of downtown, as staring at the Renaissance Hotel wasn't terribly scenic last time.  I will post again from prison the hospital, so hopefully everything goes well and I can report on a successful admittance!

Go Rangers tonight!


  1. Son, you may not agree with me but I think Celestial Seasonings herbal tea, Tension Tamer, helps you get through the tough days. Nurse Mom

  2. EY put us up at the Renaissance when I was an intern and how dare you insult that view. I got "upgraded" to a third floor room including an astroturf deck with dilapidated hot tub. That could make for some interesting views...

  3. Good luck with this round. I hope to visit Atlanta soon. I'm pulling for a Rangers/Giants World Series.

  4. If you get a chance, please ask the doctors if they consider 12 stadium dogs and two orders of Dreamland BBQ nachos to be a balanced diet. I'm pretty sure it covers all of the major food groups. Good luck with this round.

  5. Michael, that's the difference between your Mom (my sister) and me. She's talking Celestial Tea or some such nonsense and I'm talking about a chocolate, chocolate chip malt Blizzard from DQ! That cures about anything that ails ya!

    The Hillview boys are loading up Dr. Joe's loveboat on Saturday for a one day golf excursion. I'll update the boys on your condition. They ask all the time. I guarantee there will be no Celestial Tea on that voyage!

    You da man fighting this the way you are!


    Uncle Dave

  6. I feel sure the good nurses of Emory Midtown will see to it you get your view of Downtown...if not threaten to hit them with your wizzard staff of Ensure.

    Thinking and praying for you and your Rangers this weekend!!

  7. One more, and you're half way home, Michael. Hope your youth and strength help limit the difficult side effects others have experienced...fingers crossed. STAY STRONG. Sending hugs and prayers, Michelle on Westview

  8. Round Three,

    Seems like it is going quickly. Of course that is easy for us to say.

    We are proud of you and your fight. Our friends are continually amazed how well you are doing and that you are working as much as you are.

    Your mother used to complain that "I never take her anywhere", but now, I take her to Atlanta several time a month. Maybe this is not what she meant! Oh well.

    Onward to Cycle #3 and closer to the successful completion.

    Your Dad

  9. Michael,

    I was delighted to find your good news online when I returned from vacation earlier this week. Hope knowing that the tumor is shrinking gives you encouragement as you go into the hospital today.

    Want you to know that I was faithfully praying for you while gone (luckily, our God never goes on vacation!) and will continue to do so during this next round of chemo.

    You are doing great - hang in there!!


  10. We did a lunch pass off to Michael today and my three year old cried when Michael left! He wants to see his buddy again soon...Ryan can't stop asking for Michael! We will do it again soon!
    Michael looks so incredibly strong!