Monday, October 18, 2010

Survival Of The Moderately Fit

Happy Monday all!   I hope everyone is doing well after a big football weekend, lots of upsets on Saturday really skewed the landscape.

Well I am still here at Emory University, set for discharge after lunch sometime.  This has for sure been the roughest stay thus far.  Yesterday was particularly frustration in that I became very weak and tired, I literally couldn't keep my eyes open most of the afternoon.  I hated to be in such a state because my sister and dear friend Captain Rudy drove down out of their way for a visit, but I just couldn't keep my head up and visit much.  I have bounced back this morning though, and I am feeling much better.  Perhaps in small part due to the fact that I will be leaving early this afternoon.  It really makes a difference knowing that you will be at home the next time you go to bed. 

The next step is of course the all important recovery week, so hopefully this one will go as smooth as the last two.  Thank you everyone for checking in this past week, it has meant a whole lot!

Go Rangers tonight!


  1. Maybe Captain Rudy and young Lauren need to work on their communication skills which would make them more interesting to you. I'm having lunch with young Lauren in two weeks. I will spend an adequate amount of time helping her become a more interesting visitor! She'll be "miss congeniality" by the time I get done with her! Wait a minute, maybe it wasn't boring Captain Rudy and dull Lauren after all. You didn't drink any of the Celestial Tea junk your Mom suggested, did you? I'm sleeping just thinking about that crud!

    Glad round three is over and done with. Here's hoping you get through the recovery period ok. A really good Rangers week would really help the cause, I presume. Maybe a stronger effort from the relief corps?

    Uncle Dave!

  2. I was prepared to sing and dance, but little Mikey Wikey just didn't have any energy. Loved seeing ya bud. You were looking pretty damn good as a bald man as well.

  3. Lauren and Steff,

    Thanks a lot for driving down from Chattanooga to visit Michael. Which did you like the best - Michael sleeping on his left or sleeping on his right. When he slept on his back, the glare from his chrome dome made it difficult to watch the football game on TV.

    Again sorry that you caught Michael at a bad time, but we are impressed with your 4 hour detour to see him on you way from Patterson's wedding!!!

    I owe you a tank of gas next time I see you!!!

    Max L. Oyler

  4. Hope Emory liberated you, and you slept in your own bed last night, Michael. Nothing quite like your own space, and especially your own sheets and pillows for a nurturing night's sleep. I'll be thinking of you these next few weeks -- hoping your side effects are less than predicted or expected, and both white and red counts are behaving and staying where they need to be. Hang in there and keep being so strong. Hug and prayers, Michelle on Westview

  5. Missed you A LOT this weekend at the wedding! You got a standing ovation at the rehearsal dinner and we all toasted a speedy recovery for ya... I hope you that you know you are always on our minds and in our thoughts, Mikey. Much love, D

  6. Michael,

    Mel B and I are headed your way this weekend. We're going to come by and see you on Sunday. I hope this week goes well for you. See you soon!

  7. Hope recovery week is going well so far! Miss ya in Nashvegas.

  8. Just checking in on you Michael! Hope you are well on your way to recovering from your latest trip to the health spa. I would talk to that Dr of yours to get a prescription for warm sun treatments, white sand pacs, salt water soaks and a Corona on the side. Yes, I think a trip to San Destin would cure your ills!

    I have been watching the Rangers and cheering them on. Please understand I have never watched a Rangers game in my life until now. I have explained to all my Yankee friends that it is only fair that the Rangers win for your sake. I mean, c'mon, if we can't play the sympathy card now then when??